Working On The Blog

I started making my blog yesterday, although I had been thinking about it for a long time, and last week I made an outline of things that I wanted it to include. I went through for registering my domain, and I decided to use wordpress for putting it together. I heard about wordpress, but knew very little about how it worked. I just knew that I wanted to make a blog, and I wanted it to be easy to do, so I took a chance on wordpress.

I struggled for a long time at first just logging in because my site is not through, but a different domain. I eventually understood that they were different, got logged in, and I was off trying to explore this new site building interface.

I had built websites 10 years ago before html changed and before smart phones and tablets. I knew a good amount about writing code. So now with this blog everything has been easy for the most part. Building a website used to take me lots of time, but in one day, I already have my site up. Granted I have a lot of things to fill in, I feel like it’s easy, fun, and I can do this.

I’m hoping to fill in all of my pages with at least something. I also want to add pictures to most pages and posts.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my cooking recipes with the world! I make a really good broccoli cheese soup!

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