Christmas Time Break From Work

Last year Christmas was too short, too much driving from house to house, and not enough rest and relaxation. This year I planned ahead by taking time off from work December 22nd through December 30th. Now that Christmas has passed, I can say how it went.

I had my family Christmas with both my wife’s family and my family on Christmas Eve. We got together at my in-law’s house in the afternoon, and had snacks, opened gifts, and spent time with family. After that we went to our best friends and god-children’s house to spend the night, so that we could watch the kids open presents, have breakfast together, and spend time with them. Christmas afternoon my wife and I came home and watched movies together and relaxed. The day after Christmas, I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing the entire house. I did not get everything done, but I made a huge impact. Now the rest of my time off has been spending time with my wife, family, and friends. I also made time for playing video games, and I have been cooking at home just about everyday. This has been the best way for me to do Christmas as an adult, and I plan to do this every year!

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