My band Motor City Skyline’s cover of “Kickstart My Heart” on Soundcloud

It is amazing that we recorded this song 7 years ago around 2011 and it is getting so popular on the internet. It is currently at 232,000 plays. My band Motor City Skyline started out as a female fronted cover band. We recorded four songs, but broke up shortly after recording. At the time we recorded this, I was taking this to venues trying to book gigs, but we had no interest. We only played one show under the name Motor City Skyline with the original line-up and that was at Oade’s Hidden Camel in Lansing, MI.

Now it is 2018, and I have a new line-up of Motor City Skyline and it looks as though everything is finally falling in place for this band. We are an all original music Rap Rock/Metal band. We just got a professional logo made. Our first original release recording is almost done. Things are finally looking good for this band. Here’s to a great 2019 for Motor City Skyline!

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