Water Fasting

Have you ever tried water fasting, thought about it, or are looking for ways to lose weight? I am going to share my views on water fasting and weight loss.

I am concerned about my general health and weight very much. I am 5’8″ and weight about 165 lbs. I care a lot about preventative maintenance with my health, so that I can feel good, be productive, and not put a financial burden on myself and my wife. After doing some research, water fasting seemed like something that would benefit me by flushing out my system and losing weight.

I decided to do a four day water fast. I had a plan, and I was going to make it work. I fasted from noon on Thursday until noon on Monday. Before my fast I ate a huge meal, and then from Thursday until Monday I only drank water. I did not add anything to the water or take any vitamins/drugs. I only had water.

I felt okay for the first two days. I worked my job, then when I was at home, I tried to take it easy. I watched a lot of T.V. and took naps. Day 3 I was feeling like I had no energy. My mind did not feel sharp. I felt very weak and unbalanced. I stayed at home for all of day 3 and 4. On this day I also wanted food really badly. Day 4 was more of the same, but even more difficult. I knew that I was at the home stretch though. My wife ordered pizza that day, which was torture. I love pizza, but I was on a fast. My sense of smell was greatly strengthened and I could tell. I kept asking her “can I smell your pizza?” It smelled extremely good. It smelled better than it ever had! Even if I were to give in, I knew that I would probably puke due to my body not being accustomed to complex foods.

After my fast was complete, I had to reintroduce food to my body. My first food was strawberries, and they tasted amazing! I came back into eating by eating very very small portions every two hours. By the next day, I was back to eating normal portions and everything I normally do.

From fasting I lost 10 lbs; only to gain back 5 lbs right away. My facial skin looked improved, and I felt a little better all around. I would suggest it to everyone that is healthy enough to handle it. I think that the body does need time to flush itself out regularly. I only suggest doing a two day fast though. I don’t plan on doing more than two days straight ever again. I plan on doing a two day water fast at least once a year.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You make up your own mind, and make your own decisions as to what is right for you.

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