This is the method that I do laundry in order to keep my clothes from aging fast. I am not good at washing whites. That is something I definitely still need to learn. Most of my wardrobe is dark colors, so this works well for that.

Step 1: Add a little baking soda to the load.

Step 2: Add detergent. I only use about half of a cup. The main thing is to always go light on the detergent. You don’t need very much.

Step 3: Add your clothes to the washing machine.

Step 4: Set your cycle to the correct size, gentle, and cold water.

Step 5: When the washer is done, move you clothes over to the dryer.

Step 6: Add one or two dryer sheets.

Step 7: Set the dryer to knits/delicates/low, then start. It is important to avoid over drying your clothes.

Step 8: Fold your clothes right after drying to avoid wrinkles. I fold my clothes on my bed. I have cats, and that is one of the few rooms that they aren’t allowed in.

Tip: For faster drying, add a clean, dry towel to the load.

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