My Second Water Fast

After doing a second water fast, I can now say more about what worked and what didn’t work well during that experience.

I recently decided to do a two-day water fast in order to become more healthy, help get me off of my sugar addiction, and lose some weight. I started my fast without any preparation. I woke up one morning and while getting ready for work, I thought that I could do a fast today because I knew that I was going to have a little extra help at work and that work would keep me busy and I wouldn’t be thinking about food.

I had eaten my last meal late at night the night before around 10 P.M. I then went almost two days without food, and I only drank water. On the second day of the water fast, I caved in and broke the fast with some food. I was about 5 hours away from my 48 hour goal.

What didn’t work for me was having my last meal so late at night. What also didn’t work for me is that I used so much energy at my job that water alone didn’t seem to be giving me enough energy.

I now know that my last meal before a fast should either be breakfast or lunch. I also know that I can only handle a one day fast while working my laborious job. The last work day before a day off would be ideal for me.

Just like the first fast, I think it is good for my health and am happy with the results. I lost 5 lbs!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You make up your own mind, and make your own decisions as to what is right for you.

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