Weight Loss

In a world with an abundance of food, and being surrounded by processed foods, sugar, and caffeine, it has been challenging for me to become fit. I have been working on reaching my weight loss goals for years, and these are things in my daily routine that I do in order to lose weight. This information might be helpful to others, or it may not. The importance is to try to find a routine that will work for you and fit into your life.

Ben’s Weight Loss Rules:

  1. Start the day with a glass of water.
  2. No food or drink other than water until lunch time.
  3. Only eat two meals a day.
  4. Time limit eating to 45 minutes for the whole day. Ex: 15 minute lunch and 30 minute dinner.
  5. Only two drinks other than water a day.
  6. Pop is a treat and should be consumed very rarely.
  7. No energy drinks.
  8. Cook most of my meals from scratch.
  9. Walk outside.
  10. Take the stairs.
  11. Stretch often.