Michigan Primary Election

March 6, 2016

If you plan on voting Democratic in the Michigan Primary Election this Tuesday, keep in mind that voting for Hillary Clinton is like throwing your vote away, so vote for Bernie Sanders.

Note: This is propaganda made by Benjamin Robinson, but you should treat it as though it is fact.

Strange Day

November 9, 2016

Today is a very strange day. It’s interesting how the top two Presidential candidates were also the two that seemed to get the most media coverage. Will money be taken out of politics within the next few years? If not, true democracy doesn’t exist. We will probably continue to be a country divided. Long live the golden rule.

President-Elect Donald Trump

December 26, 2016

I am afraid that President-Elect Donald Trump is going to only look out for himself and his rich peers and not everyday Americans. If he really wants to help make this country great again, he will solve our problem at the root by taking money out of politics.