My Second Water Fast

After doing a second water fast, I can now say more about what worked and what didn’t work well during that experience.

I recently decided to do a two-day water fast in order to become more healthy, help get me off of my sugar addiction, and lose some weight. I started my fast without any preparation. I woke up one morning and while getting ready for work, I thought that I could do a fast today because I knew that I was going to have a little extra help at work and that work would keep me busy and I wouldn’t be thinking about food.

I had eaten my last meal late at night the night before around 10 P.M. I then went almost two days without food, and I only drank water. On the second day of the water fast, I caved in and broke the fast with some food. I was about 5 hours away from my 48 hour goal.

What didn’t work for me was having my last meal so late at night. What also didn’t work for me is that I used so much energy at my job that water alone didn’t seem to be giving me enough energy.

I now know that my last meal before a fast should either be breakfast or lunch. I also know that I can only handle a one day fast while working my laborious job. The last work day before a day off would be ideal for me.

Just like the first fast, I think it is good for my health and am happy with the results. I lost 5 lbs!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You make up your own mind, and make your own decisions as to what is right for you.


Here is my easy, yummy guacamole recipe!

Serves: 2 to 4 people.


4 Avocados
1 Lime
1 tsp of Salt
2 tbsp Salsa (fresh or jar)
1/3 cup Sour Cream
Bag or Tortilla Chips for dipping
Mixing Bowl
Hand Potato Masher


  1. Cut avocados in half, remove pit, and scoop out insides. Put insides in mixing bowl. Throw the skin away. Save one pit for later.
  2. Cut lime in half and squeeze juice into mixing bowl.
  3. Add salt, sour cream, and salsa to mixing bowl.
  4. Mash and mix with hand masher.
  5. The recipe is done.
  6. For storage, transfer to storage container and add one avocado pit to your guacamole to preserve freshness.
  7. Serve with chips.


This is the method that I do laundry in order to keep my clothes from aging fast. I am not good at washing whites. That is something I definitely still need to learn. Most of my wardrobe is dark colors, so this works well for that.

Step 1: Add a little baking soda to the load.

Step 2: Add detergent. I only use about half of a cup. The main thing is to always go light on the detergent. You don’t need very much.

Step 3: Add your clothes to the washing machine.

Step 4: Set your cycle to the correct size, gentle, and cold water.

Step 5: When the washer is done, move you clothes over to the dryer.

Step 6: Add one or two dryer sheets.

Step 7: Set the dryer to knits/delicates/low, then start. It is important to avoid over drying your clothes.

Step 8: Fold your clothes right after drying to avoid wrinkles. I fold my clothes on my bed. I have cats, and that is one of the few rooms that they aren’t allowed in.

Tip: For faster drying, add a clean, dry towel to the load.

Second Hand Buying

The best way to stretch your dollar farther is by buying second hand used items.

I like to shop, but I can’t afford to have everything brand new. As long as I am using the item, it works, and it is in good condition then I am happy with it.

Sometimes you buy something, and after time passes, you don’t want it anymore. It’s taking up space, and you would like to get rid of it. If you bought that item new, you will be taking a big hit financially, but if you bought it used, then it won’t be nearly as bad.


Sugar is highly addictive and really bad for you. I still like sugar. I generally only eat items with sugar between 3 P.M. and 8 P.M. If you eat sugar first thing in the morning such as with your coffee or breakfast, then you will get shaky and light headed throughout the day.


If you think about breakfast in America, then you will see that kids make the rules at breakfast. Unfortunately kids are generally not interested in being healthy and having a long and productive life.

What are common breakfast items and what do they all have in common? Fruit, yogurt, pancakes, french toast, cereal, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, oatmeal, coffee, orange juice, milk, waffles, and doughnuts. The commonality in most of these items is sugar. Kids love sugar, but it is so unhealthy and will set your whole day up for failure. Once you eat sugar in the morning, you will crash and feel light headed and shaky until you get more sugar. A few hours later the crash will happen again, and you will need more sugar. Kids don’t know better, but adults need to learn to not have sugar until closer to night time. Night time sugar crash is better because you will be sleeping, and you won’t even know that you’re fiending for sugar.

I generally don’t eat breakfast. Water is my breakfast. I believe that people don’t need three meals a day. One meal a day is all you truly need. A healthy breakfast to me is something along the lines of eggs, bacon, nuts, and a glass of water.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is where a person only drinks water and no food for 16 hours. I have been doing this for about 6 months now, and it is working for me.

I wake up in the morning and start my day with a glass of water. After noon I have my first meal. I usually eat a large meal. Around 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. I have my second meal, which is usually a smaller meal or snack. Then I am all done eating and drinking anything except water by 8 P.M.

This way of living has helped me maintain my weight and not get too overweight. It’s not very challenging. I feel like I can continue this way of eating forever.

Water Fasting

Have you ever tried water fasting, thought about it, or are looking for ways to lose weight? I am going to share my views on water fasting and weight loss.

I am concerned about my general health and weight very much. I am 5’8″ and weight about 165 lbs. I care a lot about preventative maintenance with my health, so that I can feel good, be productive, and not put a financial burden on myself and my wife. After doing some research, water fasting seemed like something that would benefit me by flushing out my system and losing weight.

I decided to do a four day water fast. I had a plan, and I was going to make it work. I fasted from noon on Thursday until noon on Monday. Before my fast I ate a huge meal, and then from Thursday until Monday I only drank water. I did not add anything to the water or take any vitamins/drugs. I only had water.

I felt okay for the first two days. I worked my job, then when I was at home, I tried to take it easy. I watched a lot of T.V. and took naps. Day 3 I was feeling like I had no energy. My mind did not feel sharp. I felt very weak and unbalanced. I stayed at home for all of day 3 and 4. On this day I also wanted food really badly. Day 4 was more of the same, but even more difficult. I knew that I was at the home stretch though. My wife ordered pizza that day, which was torture. I love pizza, but I was on a fast. My sense of smell was greatly strengthened and I could tell. I kept asking her “can I smell your pizza?” It smelled extremely good. It smelled better than it ever had! Even if I were to give in, I knew that I would probably puke due to my body not being accustomed to complex foods.

After my fast was complete, I had to reintroduce food to my body. My first food was strawberries, and they tasted amazing! I came back into eating by eating very very small portions every two hours. By the next day, I was back to eating normal portions and everything I normally do.

From fasting I lost 10 lbs; only to gain back 5 lbs right away. My facial skin looked improved, and I felt a little better all around. I would suggest it to everyone that is healthy enough to handle it. I think that the body does need time to flush itself out regularly. I only suggest doing a two day fast though. I don’t plan on doing more than two days straight ever again. I plan on doing a two day water fast at least once a year.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You make up your own mind, and make your own decisions as to what is right for you.

Recycling Drink Cans and Bottles

Do you take back your empty drink bottles and cans to the store for the deposit, but want to find a different way that keeps your house from looking like its full of empties all the time? Well I am here to share what I do, and maybe you will like it too!

For most of my adult life, I lived in an apartment or a shared house with not a lot of space. I try to keep these places organized, but empty bottles and cans pile up and look bad

I bought a container to keep my bottles and cans in. I keep this container in a place where it is somewhat hidden in the house. Right now it stays at the top of my stairs heading toward the basement. When I lived with my brother, we kept this container under a small table in the kitchen next to the trash cans.

The next step is to put your empties in the container. When the container is full, take it with you on your next grocery shopping trip.

This will prevent you from letting your empties get out of control because only so many cans and bottles will fit in the container. It also looks better than a trash bag.