Amazon Fire Stick

This is my living room, our new T.V., and the remote to our Amazon Fire TV Stick. We have had a few T.V. streaming boxes and a Playstation 3, which we used for streaming, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick has become our favorite!

– Very affordable
– Easy to use
– Remote is great to use, small, and feels quality
– Faster wireless streaming than all our other TV streaming boxes

– Inputs and outputs are very limited

Right now these cost about $40. I already know that there are better TV boxes on the market, but the Amazon Fire TV Stick is my favorite of the cheapest ones. I am just using this for Spotify, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Plex mostly. It has 8 GB of storage, so I know that it could also be used for playing Android Video Games, which is pretty cool! My favorite use for this is using it along with my Plex Media Server, which I will have to share how I do that in a future blog.

I really like the look of the menu. The screen saver often shows beautiful photographs of landscapes from around the world.

Because of how well the Amazon Fire TV Stick works, and how cheap the price is, I want to get one for every T.V. in my house. I highly suggest this for a cheap T.V. streaming solution, but not if you need more inputs and outputs such as USB and Ethernet.